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Vivian Gardinier

Terra Salvum is one of the six playable factions in Pandora: First Contact.

Abilities[ | ]

  • Ecologic: +1 minerals from forests and fungus
  • Frugal: +25% habitat
  • Sympathetic: -50% alien aggression
  • Peaceful: -25% power when attacking

History[ | ]

Our ancestors knew how much Earth was suffering, but they kept their ways, and we paid the price. Now that we have found this untouched new world, have we learned from our ancestors' mistakes? If not, how will the alien ecosystem react to our intrusion?

-- Advocate Vivian Gardinier, Alien Ecosystems

The Earth- founded organization that became Terra Salvum started out as an array of pressure-groups, scattered over the planet, in the late 20th century. As the 21st century progressed and the climate collapsed, they won more supporters to their cause, especially in the areas where natural resources were being over-exploited -- Africa, South America and parts of Asia -- as well as in liberal parts of the west.

Gradually, the organizations realized that the only way to talk to governments was to match their size. In the 2040s, following a decade of terrorism and warfare that scarred Earth, these pressure groups merged into Terra Salvum, using their combined influence and financial power to make their opinions count just as the corporations. Their more-militant arm became especially feared in international waters.

When Pandora was discovered, Terra Salvum didn't have the finances to buy one of Noxium's terrifyingly-expensive cruise-colonizers. Thankfully with the aid of developing world hackers, the organization managed to 'acquire' the blueprints for the ships. Friendly scientists donated their lives to rapidly decode these and the resources of a small nation were poured into building a single colony ship. However, the organization simply couldn't afford the extra cost of building enough hibernation units and radiation shielding before launch -- so they didn't.

Given their exposure to hard radiation during the transit to Pandora, most of the adult ecologists sickened and died, leaving a crew of young, fervent green warriors growing up on the ship, most of whom had never seen an Earth flower. On landing, the young Vivian Gardinier, daughter of the former leader Elora, was appointed as her mother's replacement. Her peaceful followers -- after more than two decades of imprisonment on a radiation-riddled spaceship -- long for a living world and are determined that the war for natural resources which bled old Earth white will never happen on Pandora.