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Technology is a key element to the Gameplay of Pandora: First Contact; each new technology you acquire will unlock a new unit component, building, project, or operation for your use, allowing you to construct them in your cities.

You can use the research screen to select a technology to work towards. Each technology has a science cost; once the player has accumulated the necessary amount of science towards that technology, the technology will be completed and its benefits become available.

Tech Tree[ | ]

Technologies are arranged in a tree structure, with more advanced technologies being unavailable until earlier ones have been researched. The exact position of each technology and the links between technologies are randomized each game, so you will need to discover their arrangement as you go along. The research screen displays the technologies that you already have, those currently available to research, and all future technologies within 2 links of those (the number of links you can see ahead is configurable in the game options).

If a technology has multiple incoming links, you can research that technology once you have any of the preceding technologies linked to it; it is not necessary to have all of them.

However, technology links are one-way; technologies towards the left (earlier) side of the tech tree can enable access to technologies towards the right (later) side, never the other way around.

The further to the right a technology appears in the tech tree, the more science is required to research it.

Eras[ | ]

Technologies are grouped into three color-coded eras: the colonization era (gray), the mechanization era (blue), and the transcendence era (yellow).

Most of the unit components and buildings available in the later eras are simply upgraded versions of those available in earlier eras; however, the projects and operations in later eras are substantially different.