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Pandora: Eclipse of Nashira is a DLC expansion that requires Pandora: First Contact to play. It was released on 19 September 2014.

Features[ | ]

  • Unleash full covert warfare with new Agent units: gather information, steal research, incite riots, and more.
  • Live through the Eclipse of Nashira; a time when new species rise from the depths and espionage is stronger than ever
  • Joining the competition for planetary dominance are The Ambassadors; a brand new faction specialized in diplomacy, intrigue and sabotage.
  • Expand your empire beyond the coastlines: Amphibious Formers can build water improvements, harvest new aquatic flora and even raise landmasses.
  • Deploy minefields from orbit to protect key positions and disrupt enemy supply lines.
  • Enjoy new diplomacy options and a variety of other tweaks and improvements to existing mechanics.

Detailed Additions and Changes[ | ]


  • Added new faction focused on diplomacy, intrigue and sabotage: The Ambassadors.
  • Added new Agent units that can perform city infiltration orders; Agents can be attacked by any player regardless of diplomatic status.
  • Added new Eclipse of Nashira event commencing around turn 100 (standard pace) that introduces new alien life and increases Agent infiltration power.
  • Added new infiltration advancements: Conversion Virus, Custodes.
  • Added new infiltration device: Illusive Eluder.
  • Added new anti-infiltration building: Panopticon Cities.
  • Added new water territory features: Oil Field, Panspermia Reeds, Water Fungus, Aquatic Mexallon.
  • Added new Amphibious Former unit that can build water improvements, terraform between water and land, and harvest bonus water resources.
  • Added new Vulcan Mines operation that slows and damages any unit entering the deployed territory.
  • Added new diplomacy options also utilized by the AI: demand peace offer to third party, demand sanctions against third party, demand war declaration on third party and privately denounce third party.
  • Added missing voice overs for invasion reports.
  • Added new menu screen cinematic.
  • Added new menu/title music track.
  • Added 4 new world music tracks.


  • The maximum gain from trading and research pacts was increased from 10% to 25%.
  • Fungus now also exists in ocean and coast territories for more tactical depth in naval movement.
  • Rivalries between certain factions now have a more pronounced diplomatic impact.
  • Tweaked research tree for better distribution and more connections to increase flexibility.
  • Various minor tweaks.